Aslam's Writing Lab

Think, read, write, create

Picture-AslamHello, I’m Aslam! An avid reader and a writer. Welcome to Aslam’s Writing Lab, and thanks for stopping by. Here I experiment with writing. When I feel successful, I share a word or two about it. And I want to learn from you, the reader.

I started this blog because writing is my life’s passion. I don’t think I was born a writer, but meant to become one. I believe to be a better writer is to build little by little.

There is no magic wand for it. The thick volumes you see on your school’s library shelves were all started with a single sentence.

I write because how else could I make sense of the world. Although I am not perfect, I have come a long way. The journey, albeit, continues.

I enjoy doing this. In addition to my passion and excitement, I spend nights on this blog with the hope that my work will inspire you to scribe your thoughts or solve some of your problems.

Lastly, if you would like to contribute guest posts to the blog, shoot me an email via the contact tab or at Please, pitch your idea first before submitting a full draft of the article.

Based off of that, I will let you know whether or not it is something that can go on the blog. Thank you for visiting.