Picture-AslamHello, I’m Aslam! I am a Ph.D. student in Global Affairs and Teaching Assistant at the Political Science Department at Rutgers University, Newark.

I am an avid reader of  politics, religion, philosophy, positive psychology, culture and much more. Growing up in a small village on Pakistan’s periphery, I had not seen a library until I was eighteen. I think this is one reason why I am interested in reading.

I write about a variety of topics —ordinary and salient— to inform and hopefully inspire you to scribe your thoughts. Welcome to The Authorling, and thanks for stopping by.

As the name indicates, I am a writer who might grow up to a real author someday but sure isn’t there yet. This blog is a place where I spend my free time writing as a hobby and where I express my ideas. I hope to turn it into something bigger, eventually. Can’t I?

I started this blog because writing is my passion. I write because it is the best way for me to make sense of the world. I believe to be a better writer is to build little by little. There is no magic wand for it. The thick volumes you see on your school’s library shelves were all started with a single sentence.

Lastly, if you would like to contribute a guest post to the blog, shoot me an email via the contact tab. Please, pitch your idea first before submitting a full draft of the article. Thank you for visiting. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.