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Where to Get Creative Ideas for Writing?

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Getting creative ideas for writing can sometimes be challenging. But, the world is full of ideas. Both your world and beyond. It requires skills and habit to grasp them.

I will walk you through a fundamental and essential guide to where to get these ideas. Of course, what I recommend is by no means the only way(s) to gather ideas for writing.

Start with this question: What are your interests? On an average day, is there anything on top of your mind that you would like to write about?

One way to know is to find out what do you spend most of your time thinking about. We all have obsessions. Harness your passions and write about them.

What would you like in the world to change? Or, a better way, is there anything that you would want to change? Most importantly, how can you do this through writing?

Don’t forget that the change from writing may not be a practical one, but a shift in vision, indeed. If you are an idealist, writing is one of the most effective ways to envision a changed and better world.

Real changes based on ideas are entirely possible. History is replete with examples.

If you are a creative writer, look inward and comb through your inner world. Observe your feelings and listen to the person within. You will be surprised to discover what normally appears hidden and unknown.

You may have something to share with the outside world. Something of greater impact. Also, remember it does not have to be an idea that people like or agree with.

Sometimes, real impact comes from ideas which disrupt the rather familiar ways of thinking and living.

So, your ideas for writing don’t have to be accessible and acceptable. DISRUPT as scientists and engineers do in science and technology.

READ. Read a lot and read every day. Becoming an excellent writer is a fruitless exercise if you don’t read.

WALK if you are having blank hours. Taking LONG WALKS is an age-old tradition among writers. Notice the world around. Is there anything that grabs your attention and inspires you to write?

Try changing places. Sit somewhere quiet. Take the opportunity to spend time with yourself alone. Listen to it carefully.

Try music. Read poetry. Think about someone you love(d). Write as if you are writing a letter to them. Memories, pain, beauty, love and peace give you all sorts of ideas if you try to understand them.

I hope this exercise helps you discover your writing niche. I would like to know where you get your ideas from in the comments section.


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