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A Positive Writer’s Path to Perfection

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What is a writer’s path to perfection like? When do you know your writing is perfect?

Actually, there is no easy way of knowing.

Writing is a process that requires constant hard work. It involves breakthroughs and challenges everytime you write. But it gets easier when you keep up the work.

The problem is many people stop writing because they do not feel the progress. And many quit rather quickly.

For me, patience and persistence are the keys. If you do not continue writing and quit because you did not feel the improvement, you will never improve. If you persist, you will see slow but steady advancement.

As a writer, always remember to aim big but do not aim to achieve big in a day. Give yourself time. While working towards a big goal, focus on small steps on the way.

Do not lose sight of accomplishing modest goals because that is where positive energy comes from. Feel accomplished after writing a page or learning a new word. Make this a habit and repeat it every day or whenever possible.

Also, do not forget that there will be discouragement and pain but brave it and do not give up. The progress in writing is incremental. It comes with time and effort you put into it. The more time you spend on it, the faster you will get better at it.

One dilemma in my experience, however, is that the more you write, the more you will want to improve because you will feel less as a writer.

But the good news is that you will attain stability in the process. Once you become stable as a writer, the path to further perfection depends on how willing you are to take your writing to the next level and then the next.


Aslam Kakar


  1. momildummar says:

    Aslam kakar, your writting really boasted my feelings for writing a peace of work…

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