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To be a Writer​ is to Build Little by Little

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It has been three weeks since the last post I wrote. I have never been busier in school and work.

Although I am still in the middle of a heavy workload, I guess I needed a break for this blog which I started with a lot of passion.

Let me use this opportunity and share my writing journey with you, very briefly. I am not a born writer. I am not even someone who had the privilege to know about writing.

I learned how to write on my own after years, at least a decade, of hard work.

Ten years ago, when I was twenty, I could hardly write a paragraph with meaning and coherence.

When I was fifteen, I hardly knew if there was such a thing as being or becoming a writer. All I knew were written words in books and newspapers, and that I had to complete my homework.

When I was younger than fifteen, forget it. Because I spent my teens in a small village in Pakistan, I did not have access to books and library.

My early twenties were when I began to feel interested in writing, but I still struggled with the basics. Grammar, clarity of ideas and sentence construction bothered me.

At the end of undergraduate studies in my mid-twenties, I commanded the basics of writing. Now I could write to convey my ideas but still not in the way I desired. My poor sentence structure, lack of vocabulary and lack of knowledge about writing disappointed me every time I sat to write.

Some younger college students in Lahore were better writers. In fact, I used to read their essays in the monthly publication again and again. They inspired me to write more and more.

The real progress in my writing has taken place in the past five years. I have read like never before. Books on writing, psychology, philosophy, politics and on life, in general, have helped me form my opinions.

During these years, I have been committed to writing. Other writers and bloggers have inspired me to write my own stories. I have keenly observed how they write, and how I can incorporate their style and choice of words in my writing.

I have learned that to be a writer is to build and improve little by little, every day. It takes time and belief in yourself. The more you write, the better you get at it. There is no magic wand to become a finer writer, as I know it.


Aslam Kakar   





  1. waqas khan says:

    kakar bro hm msg kartay hain ap jawab hee nai detay

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  2. waqas khan says:

    i am from Pakistan,city,D,,I,KHAN.
    i am bracing for competitive exam of 19,but my writing skills ,ah,dnt ask.
    i have had one friend in QAU,yasir khan,he recommended me that you can help me in this regard.
    though he told me how to do it,as i am writing daily small articles in my words but after rewriting in my own words it usually turns out to be a funny excerpt, which seems, written by a child.
    BRO,this way i could not accomplish my aim.
    i want your help to ace the essay and composition paper.
    how can i horn my writing skills.
    plz,never mind the here and there zigzag profusion of capital and small letter,an illiterate writer, after all,i am.
    i will really appreciate you kind comments.
    stay blessed always.
    my email is huntedlion30@gmail.com
    i will be waiting!

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  3. waqas khan says:

    thank bro.i am already perusing these posts.

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  4. waqas khan says:

    and needless to say,thanks for your prompt and warm rply.
    i really mean it.

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  5. Marjan arbab says:

    The sole factor that has helped me shape up my own writing skills is blogging.
    The urge to express and vent out my frustration, anger, along with the cheerished memories of university life led me to writing anonymously in a wordpress blog.
    I too was and am still among those who lack coherence in my writing structure and I tend to improve myself each day to believe that I can do it…
    Glad to know, you started blogging..

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    • Aslam Kakar says:

      Hi Marjan, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice comment. I agree. There is no magic wand to become a better writer. Like you said, one has to write and improve every day, and believe that it is possible.



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